Empire Metal Works


Chief Operating Officer

I work with existing and new customers to produce the highest quality products in a timely manner. Most of my day is spent on the shop floor following production. I've spent my entire life in a metal fab shop. I spent the majority of my free time from about 5 years old onward with my father learning the fabrication business. I attended Hartwick College as a triple major in Finance, Economics, and Accounting, along with a minor in Business Management. I believe in surrounding myself with the most talented people and I still believe in a hand shack. 

Project Manager / Product Development

I have 20 years experience in sheet metal fabrication. I handle project management and development, including layout and design using Solid works, Auto Cad, and CNC programming (laser, punch press, and press brake).

George Sonner
Development / Design / Sales

I work with our customers on various projects including development, design, sales and manufacturing of various metal products. I am also responsible for ensuring projects are completed on-time and within the specified budget. I have over 40 years experience in product design and manufacturing, an Associate Degree in Mechanical Design, advanced skills in software applications such as Autocad, Solidworks and Microsoft Office, and up-to-date knowledge and technical skills.

Phil Guzzo
Project Manager / Product Design

I'm an Engineer with a practical mind and a passion for creativity. I know how to design the best product possible because I've seen every process first hand. I know what is possible and what isn't, and I love to push the envelope. I currently work in our Engineering and Development department. I have expertise in Quality Control, CNC, Manual Machining, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, and Brake & Laser Operation, along with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. 

Office Manager

I'm the Office Manager; I have 21 years of experience in financial management, in HR, Company Payroll, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, filing maintenance. I write up orders for the engineering department and write up the shipping paperwork for orders going out. I am well-versed in customer service.

Steve Schick
Purchasing / OSHA Coordinator

I am the customer service contact for many of our various customers. I also coordinate our truck schedule for deliveries of finished products and ensure we are meeting OSHA health and safety guidelines.