Empire Metal Works

Empire Metal Works is well-known for a number of attributes which make us compatible to do business with. Being both reliable and capable, investing in our equipment and employees, ensures your projects are delivered with 100% satisfaction. However one key aspect that sets us ahead of our competitors, is our ability to cut, bend, form, and weld any material. Today we will discuss our equipment, it’s capabilities, and how our tooling allows us to deliver the product you desire. 


Having the ability to laser-cut any material, of any realistic thickness, allows us to make components for your application with precision within just a few thousandths of an inch. Copper, aluminum, stainless, galvanized, and steel of any grade, are all applicable with our new, Trumpf 6000W laser. Being able to cut material with incredible precision and speed reduces the cost to you, as well as increases quality exponentially. Most fabrication facilities utilize plasma CNC machinery, which cut with unreliable accuracy. Not only are the parts littered with burrs, but there are a magnitude of material limitations associated with plasma cutting. 

Housing laser CNC machinery is a massive benefit in the fabrication industry. However as times evolve, so do the machines that we use. Empire Metal Works contains not just one laser CNC, but two. Investing and evolving with the times is a necessity, and it’s something we strive to do. Our older laser simply doesn’t have the same capabilities as our new one. In fact, it’s relatively obsolete. 

Our old laser vs. our new laser.


CNC takes the human error out of fabrication, and opens a whole new world of capabilities. Another example of where Empire Metal Works has evolved and increased our precision, and cut down manufacturing time, is with our punching tools. The ability to form louvers, dimples, and countless other necessary features is critical. 

Empire Metal Works Nisshinbo CNC.

Our Nisshinbo CNC punch allows us to create precision, repeatable features in sheet metal. In some cases (mainly with dozens of adjacent holes), punching is faster and can even deliver cleaner results. The possibilities with punching are endless. From punching out corners for flanging, to even being able to nibble cutouts, having a CNC punch is unprecedented. 

Louvers formed by our CNC punch tooling.


Being able to quickly and accurately cut sheet metal is invaluable. Cutting a blank or sheets down to size is crucial. 


Most everything we do at Empire Metal Works requires a bend. Having the tooling to put multiple bends on a part in quick succession reduces cost for us, which in turn reduces cost for you.