Large Metal Base Construction

One of the most incredible attributes of Empire Metal Works is our ability to take on any project, no matter the size. When the required I-beam weighs 54 pounds per foot, a job this size needs some serious equipment. Luckily for you, our facility has all the tooling to get the job done right.

Large bases start off with raw material, delivered to our site. From there, working off of blueprints and a cutlist, our saw operator with over 20 years of experience cuts the pieces down to size with the necessary angles. Precision is key, and the operator takes extra care to ensure everything is cut to the correct size and angle. The operator also saves the fabricators a large amount of time, by adding relief cuts for coping. This process delivers the cleanest, most precise results. 

Once all the material is cut to size, it is our head welders duty to begin construction. Starting with the outer perimeter, he first tack-welds the perimeter into place. 

After the base frame is tacked into place, the next process is squaring the unit. This is done with a pulling system, using chains and a come-along. The unit is pulled square before being welded along the 45º cuts. Welding the flats ensures the base frame cannot shift out of square.

The welder is now responsible for coping the inner structural pieces. 

With the perimeter set, the inner structural components of the baseframe can be lifted into place, and tack welded in the correct position. This process is repeated for the remainder of the components. 

Once the base frame is completely built to the print, welding to the required specifications is the next step. Most base frames we build require one downhill pass, followed by an uphill vertical weld. This takes a lot of skill and time. Our welders often utilize stick welding due to the beautiful, strong welds it can deliver. This process is done primarily on structural pieces.  

Once fully welded, it now moves on to our paint department. Having the capacity to prep and paint such a large piece is necessary for the type of work we do. The workers begin by removing slag left by the stick weld, and thoroughly cleaning the surface in preparation for primer. Once complete, the painter can begin by laying down a coat of epoxy primer, followed by a top coat.

The end result is precisely what the customer anticipated. This is just one of the few things we are capable of at our facility. No matter the size, weight, or intricacy, Empire Metal Works has the tooling needed to deliver you, our customer, exactly what you desire.