Forming sheet metal is a critical role in what we do at Empire Metal Works. The ability to bend and shape material is what allows us to take on such large projects.

Sheet Metal Brakes

All of our sheet metal brakes are equipped with a CNC backstop. Before a component of a build is put in place, the part dimensions and bend deductions are input into the machine. The machine then runs a simulation with the proper dies to make sure no collisions will occur. From there, our operator can put the part in place and the backstop will automatically move. 

Precision is our operators number one priority. Our ability to create sheet metal structures heavily depend on them.

Semi-Automated Punches

At Empire Metal Works, we have a number of manual punches that can be used in conjunction with the shear to add a radius to each of the pieces corners, or punch holes/shapes using different dies.

Fully Automated Turret Punch

Our turret punch automatically can switch between dies and move the material without assistance from the operator. This allows us to form louvers, as well as unique design features. The full automation ensures the part is 100% accurate, with even spacing and symmetry. Our engineers develop the program with the help of AI, which takes the time consuming repetition out of programming.


Tread Grip
… And more!

Laser cutting is something Empire Metal Works can do for you. If you have a job that can benefit from us cutting components for you, give us a call at (607) 865-4031.
Give us a chance to show you what we do best – doing the job right, at a competitive cost. 

Our Forming Equipment

Punch Press

Fully-automated turret punch capable of punching louvers & shapes in quick succession.

PBB110-3100 Press Brake

This machine is often used for bending high volumes of repeat parts.

LVD PPE 190 Press Brake

This machine has a full time operator bending all of our components. The machine is capable of pushing with 190 tons of force, and is capable of bending sections of 1/2″ material.