Our Trumpf 1040 6000W fiber laser is on of the most capable tools in our facility. It’s used on practically every job that comes in. The speed and precision allows us to cut components in less than half the time of traditional methods.

Dual Laser Beds

The machine is equipped with dual laser beds, allowing the operator to simultaneously load material and run the laser. This allows for non-stop operation.

Remote Upload

The engineering department has the ability to send files directly to the laser. When a job packet is brought out, all the operator has to do is select the program to run, and load the material. 

Material Hoist

Having the ability to delicately place material is essential. The laser has the ability to cut nearly any material. Brass, Copper, Stainless, and just about anything else that is metal can all be cut. Making sure surfaces aren’t scratched by the laser bed is critical. The suction-cup hoist allows the operator to place material on, without the use of a forklift or sliding the material around. 

Machine Capabilities

Being able to cut all different materials is important enough. However, with the scale of some of the projects that come into the shop, being able to cut material up to 1″ thick is just as important. The fiber laser does it quickly, and effortlessly.
Most parts from other sources will nearly always have a visible taper on them. Our machine delivers parts with unbelievable edge quality, and nearly an immeasurable taper. 
Laser cutting is something Empire Metal Works can do for you. If you have a job that can benefit from us cutting components for you, give us a call at (607) 865-4031.

Give us a chance to show you what we do best – doing the job right, at a competitive cost.

Our Laser Equipment

Trumpf 1040 Fiber Laser

Our laser is equipped with a 6000W head, allowing us to cut up to 1″ thick material. The bed is able to fit nearly any sheet of metal, measuring 12′ X 16′.

CP3500 Laser

While we have recently upgraded to a new laser, our old laser remains in perfect working condition. This means even in unpredicted circumstances, we can get the job done for you.