One thing our facility could not live without is our welding equipment. Empire Metal Works continuously is bringing in new equipment to improve quality and help reduce the turnaround time needed to manufacture a product.

At every one of our workstations is a MIG and a TIG welder. Having both accessible allows our team to quickly transition depending on what stage a job is in. Most of our aluminum is TIG welded. However we also use our TIG’s to ensure weld-studs do not separate from the panel if over-torqued.

Miller Syncrowave 250 DX

Most of our welders prefer to use the Syncrowave 250 DX due to its versatility. From high amperage AC welding, to welding delicate steel panels, the Syncrowave has been a reliable go-to at Empire Metal Works.

Miller XMT 350 mPa Boom Setup

One recent addition to our tooling is combining the latest in welding equipment with the benefit of a boom. Having a boom is ideal for the larger jobs that our team is used to. The articulation allows us to move from one end of a job to the other without having to move the welder around. This decreases our overall weld time on projects.

Miller Deltaweld 452

With multiple Deltaweld 452 machines in house, you could say it’s our go-to for all different gauges of steel MIG welding. These machines are not only reliable, but have nearly infinite adjustability. Whether it’s changing from .030 wire to .045 wire, or tuning some settings, these machines allow us to produce the strongest and most visually appealing welds.

Welding is something Empire Metal Works can do for you. If you have a job that can benefit from us having the correct welding equipment for your job, as well as qualified, experienced welders, give us a call at (607) 865-4031.
Give us a chance to show you what we do best – doing the job right, at a competitive cost. 

Our Welding Equipment

Miller Syncrowave 250DX

Millermatic 350P

Dynsasty 300DX

Millermatic 252

Deltaweld 452

XMT 350 mPA Boom Setups