Shipping is one thing we take an immense amount of pride in at Empire Metal Works. Ensuring your product arrives on time without scratches or dings is critical. We have the ability to coordinate shipping globally.

Ensuring the product is properly placed and secured on a pallet is only the beginning of ensure your product is delivered safely. 

Steel Strapping Coils

Most of our smaller components are strapped to a pallet using steel strapping. To prevent damage where the strapping touches the part, our facility uses a soft, pressure absorbing material. This ensures despite being bound in place, your components will arrive safe, and sound.

In-House Pallet Building

The ability to create a pallet of any dimension is critical, as most of the work we do at our facility are one-off pieces. Building a pallet to the necessary dimensions allows us to keep pallets from protruding further than necessary, which in turn allows us to put more product inside each trailer.

In-House Crate Building

If there is any worry at all of a product tipping over or being damaged, we also offer crate building in our facility. A crate protects the product if it is bumped into, or tipped over. 
No matter the size of the job, we can assure you that your product will arrive unharmed. Local pickup is also available, and our team can still prepare your product for shipping. If you’re have a product in mind, but aren’t sure how to coordinate shipping to your facility, give us a call at (607) 865-4031.
Give us a chance to show you what we do best – doing the job right, at a competitive cost.