Empire Metal Works

Engineering Services – old

Every project we do starts in our engineering department. Having an organized engineering staff allows us to have a clear plan for each of our projects that go to the shop floor.


No matter the size of the project, our engineering team has the ability to calculate how much material, and time it will take. The ability to do so guarantees there are no unexpected cost increases during the build. It also allows both us and the customer to be on the same page.

3D Modeling

Empire Metal Works knows investing in the right tooling, and people, are essential. This even applies to our engineering department. The computers as well as the software are state-of-the-art. 
This allows our engineering department to calculate, plan, and model a project in a shorter amount of time. Our software can even run simulations to evaluate strength, and project weight. 

Finalizing Prints/Programs

Once a project is modeled, and all components of the build are designed, our engineering team will take these components and make individual prints for our brake operators. They also will provide clear assembly prints allowing our welding team to understand and execute the build. 
Engineering is something Empire Metal Works is exceptionally good at. If you have a job that can benefit from us, give us a call at (607) 865-4031.
Give us a chance to show you what we do best – doing the job right, at a competitive cost. 

Our Engineering Equipment

SOLIDWORKS is the go-to software for anyone serious about engineering. 
High-Productivity Work Stations
The computing power at each one of our work-stations is unbeatable. Each member of our team has 3 monitors, allowing them to maximize productivity. 

Being able to provide our team with any size drawing is critical. From C sized, to A sized, our schematics are always clear to our operators and welders.